Observational Charcoal Drawings

How to create Observational Charcoal Drawings.

Aperture – Day 1 Photo Camp

Today was the beginning of our three day mini photo 101 camp.  As we are learning to take our camera’s off auto, we focused on Aperture Today. The photos in this post were taken by students during the workshop today. APERTURE:  The aperture of a lens is how wide the lenses opens when you takeContinue reading “Aperture – Day 1 Photo Camp”

End of First Session

  Hi Parents and Students, The First Session of Classes is now over! I leave Wednesday morning to see my daughter in Spain.  Yes, I am a little excited to see her. The Next Session begins on November 8th.  You can find Registration Information Here. Most classes are already full. If you did not registerContinue reading “End of First Session”

Adult Art Classes

Art Classes at PFA resume the week of September 13th. I am working on the curriculum for the upcoming sessions. I like to have a little flexibility so we can explore mediums that the group may be interested in. At the same time, I understand it’s much easier to decide what sessions to register forContinue reading “Adult Art Classes”

Painting with Glass Frit

As our last glass project, some of the Teen and Adult students made these lovely Glass Frit paintings.  I just love these!  Some of them I took to a full fuse, others I did a custom fuse so the frit could retain some of the texture.  I thought they turned out beautifully and look soContinue reading “Painting with Glass Frit”

Full Fusion Glass Tiles and Bowls

After our introduction to glass fusion through the making of frames, students in the Teen and Adult Classes were given the opportunity to continue their experimentation with glass by completing a full fusion glass project. Design Basics for a Full Fuse A Full Fuse  results in a finished piece that is smooth on top withContinue reading “Full Fusion Glass Tiles and Bowls”

Glass Fusion Frames and Mirrors

The adult and teen class had a great time learning about glass fusion. We learned how to cut glass and how to layer it to achieve different effects. Glass Cutting Cut on smooth side. First cut is a score line – cut from one edge to the next. Hold it straight up and down toContinue reading “Glass Fusion Frames and Mirrors”