Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Paintings

I think my students are picking up on my love of colors. I may have said this once, or a hundred times, but most importantly I want my students to have fun and positive experiences while they explore art. But, I used to be a lawyer, and that Type A side of me is alwaysContinue reading “Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Paintings”

Acrylic Pour Painting

As I explained to my students, I don’t have a great appreciation for modern art.  A lot of the time I just really don’t get it.  But I do have an appreciation for expressive art – art that tells a story, makes you feel something, shares someone’s unique view of the world. I have hadContinue reading “Acrylic Pour Painting”

Painted Papers and Zentangle Hands

For our first project of this year, (I am a little late posting this one) the Wednesday Elementary Art Class completed a two-step project of Zentangle Hands and Painted Papers. Color Lesson and Intro to Acrylic Paint: We completed the Background Papers for our Zentangle hands while learning about color and with a brief introductionContinue reading “Painted Papers and Zentangle Hands”

Fall Leaves Finger Painting

To celebrate Fall, the Wednesday Elementary Art Class completed a Fall Leaves Finger Painting.   It was such a beautiful day that we set the easels up in the front yard. We used Daniel Smith Acrylic paint on Canvas Sheets.  The backgrounds were painted with brushes – we drew a horizon line, painted the skyContinue reading “Fall Leaves Finger Painting”

Acrylic Paintings

It is so awesome to be back to teaching!  I love the energy that these little beings bring to my studio – It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child. -Pablo Picasso This week the elementary class completed an acrylic painting of an electrical guitar. Continue reading “Acrylic Paintings”

Teen Still Life Paintings

As part of our Acrylic Painting series, the Teens painted fruit still life paintings.  Here is a peek at their work. We warmed up by doing some exercises with brush strokes, surrounding color and layering of colors. They picked the fruit they wanted to paint and the background colors. We talked about using complimentary colorsContinue reading “Teen Still Life Paintings”

Elementary Van Gogh Paintings

Elementary Art Classes Van Gogh Paintings We pulled out our easels and brightened up The Studio this week with our Van Gogh style sunflower acrylic paintings. Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853. He had two bothers and three sisters.  He was closest to his younger brother, Theo. Vincent lovedContinue reading “Elementary Van Gogh Paintings”