Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers

This past week the elementary art students have been finishing up their Georgia O’Keeffe Flower paintings. I was feeling inspired by all of the greenery and flowers around the studio and wanted to use this inspiration in the art project for the week. When the students arrived for class we learned a little bit aboutContinue reading “Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers”

Teen Landscape Watercolors

The teens completed their landscape watercolor paintings. There were a lot of lessons wrapped up into this project. We started with an introduction to watercolor painting and all of the different types of marks you can make with watercolor. We learned about color mixing and painted our own colorwheels. We also had an in depthContinue reading “Teen Landscape Watercolors”

Elementary Abstract Landscape Watercolors

All age groups have been studying perspective and learning about watercolor this month.  The youngest elementary art students applied their new knowledge and skills to complete Abstract Landscape Watercolors. We started by looking at the work of Ted Harrison.  He is a Canadian artist who created beautiful colorful abstract landscape of the Yukon Territory.  FollowContinue reading “Elementary Abstract Landscape Watercolors”

Elementary Art Watercolor Landscapes

The Advanced Elementary Art class created winter watercolor landscapes. First, they were introduced to how to use watercolor. We practiced some basic watercolor strokes and learned how to set up our work area. We also had a lesson one-point perspective. And we incorporated what we have learned about value. We put this all together toContinue reading “Elementary Art Watercolor Landscapes”

Watercolor Flowers – Elementary Art Class

I sent the Tuesday Elementary Art  Class home with some signs of spring on our last class. We talked about observational drawing as we all learned to draw a daffodil and a tulip. The students then painted them with watercolors and outlined the main forms with a black marker. They did a great job! HappyContinue reading “Watercolor Flowers – Elementary Art Class”

Finishing our Henri Rousseau Watercolor Paintings

We finished our Henri Rousseau-styled jungle paintings in the Elementary Art Classes this week.  The students worked so hard and did such a great job.  While adding color, we reviewed warm and cool colors again and we talked about complimentary colors.  We made the gray for the elephant by mixing the complimentary colors of yellowContinue reading “Finishing our Henri Rousseau Watercolor Paintings”

Henri Rousseau’s Jungle – Elementary Classes

We are learning about the artist Henri Rousseau at Picket Fence Art this week. In addition to being introduced to a new artist, we talked about how to use lines to create tone in a drawing, warm and cool colors and composition. Hatching, cross hatching, and other line techniques: Line can be used to applyContinue reading “Henri Rousseau’s Jungle – Elementary Classes”