Observational Charcoal Drawings

How to create Observational Charcoal Drawings.

Exploring Charcoal: Paper Bags

A few weeks ago the teen class drew paper lunch bags using charcoal to practice value. We really wanted them to be able to look at their bags, find where the darkest areas and lightest areas were and use charcoal to express these values. Many of the students had never used charcoal before and weContinue reading “Exploring Charcoal: Paper Bags”

Value Paintings and Polar Bears

We had fun creating winter value landscape paintings and drawing polar bears in the Tuesday Elementary Class this week. In the process, we learned about value. Value creates depth in a picture making the object look 3 D.   We looked at photos of the moon at night and saw how the circle around the moon isContinue reading “Value Paintings and Polar Bears”

Observational Value Drawings

It was so nice to be back in class this week and working with the Teens on creating Observational Value Drawings. We practiced observational still life drawing – drawing from real life set ups using measuring techniques. I started by letting the students pick the objects they wanted to draw and setting up their ownContinue reading “Observational Value Drawings”

Animal Value Drawings

The Elementary Art Students really impressed me with their Animal Value Drawings this week. For some students, it was the first time they had ever drawn. We started by talking about value and looking at the different kinds of light on a round object. We quickly practiced drawing a round object to make it lookContinue reading “Animal Value Drawings”

Value Portraits with Tessellations

The Wednesday Elementary Art Class completed value portraits with tessellations. This project was inspired by the current exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum which features artist Kehinde Wiley. Kehinde Wiley Kehinde Wiley is one of the leading American artists to emerge in the last decade and he has been ingeniously reworking the grand portraiture traditionsContinue reading “Value Portraits with Tessellations”

Elementary Art Class – Mixed Media Winter Scenes

It may be raining outside, but it has been snowing in The Studio. After working so hard on the Sunflower Paintings, I wanted to start the year with a fun project that introduced some new art concepts. Last week, the elementary art students finished their mixed media winter scenes. The students enjoyed the creativity involvedContinue reading “Elementary Art Class – Mixed Media Winter Scenes”

Torn Paper Portraits – Teens Class

In our teen class this week, we assembled our ceramics projects. Sorry images of these are under wraps until after Christmas. Now that the big ceramic project is done, we returned to our Torn Paper Portraits.  This project is an exercise to learn value. Value is the amount of light reflected from the surface. ValueContinue reading “Torn Paper Portraits – Teens Class”

Wednesday Night Teen Class – Value

This week we learned about value in the Teen Class as we began working on Torn Paper Portraits and got a brief taste of using acrylic paint. Value: Value is the amount of light reflected from the surface. Value creates depth in a picture making the object look 3 D.  We started by painting theContinue reading “Wednesday Night Teen Class – Value”