Day 3 – Shooting on Manual

For our last day of photo camp, we put the concepts from the days before together and shot in Manual Mode.  All photos in this post are by students of the photo camp.


We ventured out on this very cold today into the beautiful neighborhood of Hollywood Hill.


And visited the farm and floral studio of Flori Flowers.





Thank you Flori Flowers for sharing your beautiful animals, space and talent with us.



Thank you for sharing the last three days with me.

DSCF7087 (1)

I hope that you learned something about using your camera in manual mode and, most importantly, had fun!


XO, Jamie

2018 Photo 101 - little pony in stall



“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.” – Ansel Adams

Day Two – Photo Camp Shutter Speed

Today we braved the cold and ventured to Kenmore Air to practice Shutter Speed.  All photos in this post were taken today by students.

2018 Photo 101 - Plane with reflection














SHUTTER SPEED:  Controls how long your shutter stays open for, and so also controls how much light reaches the sensor.


Leaving your shutter open a long time, smaller number, will let in lots of light and will capture motion as it moves – meaning you will see it as a blur.  Anything under 1/60 requires a tripod.

2018 Photo 101 - Waterfall


A short shutter speed, a faster number like a quick blink, freezes a moment in time without blur. You would use this if you want to freeze a fast-moving bird, animal, or car in your photo. A shutter speed of anything faster than 1/500th of a second is considered ideal for freezing an object, but this may vary depending on the speed of the subject.


Thank you Kenmore Air for hosting us!



Aperture – Day 1 Photo Camp

Today was the beginning of our three day mini photo 101 camp.  As we are learning to take our camera’s off auto, we focused on Aperture Today.


The photos in this post were taken by students during the workshop today.


APERTURE:  The aperture of a lens is how wide the lenses opens when you take a photo and ranges from wide to narrow, and is measured in f/stops, such as f/4 (wide aperture) to f/22 (narrow aperture). AV


  • The smaller the number, the wider the aperture, the more light is let in  and the smaller the depth of field.   So, for a portrait, you want the subject in focus but the background to be blurred.  You would use a low aperture.  I love a shallow depth of field so I shot a lot of my photos on the lowest aperture that I can.


  • The opposite of this is true as well.  The narrower the aperture, the less light is let in, darkening your shots an resulting in a larger the depth of field.  While shooting landscapes or citys capes, you might want to have both the foreground and the background in focus.  For this you would want a high aperture value, f/16 or f/22 to get deep depth of field.


  • We shot in  Aperture Priority mode today which allows you to take control of the aperture, leavingthe shutter speed and ISO to be controlled controlled by the camera.   We practiced adjusting the amount of light entering into the camera through the lens and setting our depth of field.


Tomorrow we will explore shutter speed.


Photography 101 – Mini Camp

Photography 101 Mini Camp – Take your Camera Off Automatic

February 17, 18 and 19th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm  SOLD OUT

$185;  Minimum of 6 students; Ages 14 and over, adults welcome!


To know me is to know that I love taking photographs.  My first memories of photography are with my parent’s old polaroid that had the rotating flash bulb on top.  I remember I was only allowed to take a few photos a week because the film and flash was expensive.

In high school, I purchased my own SLR camera.  After having photos published on Associated Press, I took my earnings and bought the equipment for my first darkroom.  My love of photography continued to grow in college and beyond.

I am excited to share the basics of photography with you.  You will learn to take your camera off auto and shoot in the manual mode.  This workshop is an introduction to the core techniques that will help you get more out of your digital SLR camera. Learn to navigate the menu options of your camera and make practical adjustments in aperture, shutter speed and white balance.  We will also cover basic composition, focal points, perspective, movement and orientation.


  • Minimum age of 14
  • Digital SLR camera with a charged batter and empty memory card.
  • Laptop or other devise to download photos onto for sharing.
  • Sack lunches

We will spend the mornings in the studio going over some basics and, weather permitting, the afternoons out and about in Woodinville working on depth of field, movement and composition.




Happy New Year

After all the celebrations were over and the decorations all put away and the kitchen back in order, I spent some quiet time reflecting on New Years and what it all means.


Let’s all be honest, 2017 was just a crazy year.  I’m not even going to list all of the things that happened because we are all so over saturated with the news that we all know them.  But let’s just say that the word “great” has lost all meaning to me.

We can’t go back and make it different, but we can make the coming year different.  In reality, New Year’s Day is not any different from any other 24 hour time period.  Julius Caesar introduced his model for the calendar in 45 B.C.E. but it has been changed several time since then.  But if the day motivates us to make some positive changes in our lives, then bring on the champagne.

I have changed so much over the last four years that I hardly recognize the old me.  I was really unhappy with my life and ruminating in my circumstances and the “unfairness” of it all.   I finally reached a pointed where I decided enough was enough and it was time to make some changes.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but I love my life now and I look to the future with excitement.  I can’t take back the years that I spent unhappy, but from this day forward I  can write a new happy ending.


Amsterdam – by night

Oh how I loved Amsterdam!  The main attraction for me was the Van Gogh museum.  I have been wanting to visit it for a long time and when we were trying to decide what to do with the few extra days at the end of this trip, I said “Van Gogh!”


But I did not realize how much I would fall in love with the city of Amsterdam.


Especially at night.  The lights and the canals, it all twinkled in a perfect harmony.








And how much fun to dine outside.  One of my favorite meals was at Venus & Adonis.