Day 3 – Shooting on Manual

For our last day of photo camp, we put the concepts from the days before together and shot in Manual Mode.  All photos in this post are by students of the photo camp. We ventured out on this very cold today into the beautiful neighborhood of Hollywood Hill.   And visited the farm and floralContinue reading “Day 3 – Shooting on Manual”

Day Two – Photo Camp Shutter Speed

Today we braved the cold and ventured to Kenmore Air to practice Shutter Speed.  All photos in this post were taken today by students.   SHUTTER SPEED:  Controls how long your shutter stays open for, and so also controls how much light reaches the sensor. Leaving your shutter open a long time, smaller number, willContinue reading “Day Two – Photo Camp Shutter Speed”

Aperture – Day 1 Photo Camp

Today was the beginning of our three day mini photo 101 camp.  As we are learning to take our camera’s off auto, we focused on Aperture Today. The photos in this post were taken by students during the workshop today. APERTURE:  The aperture of a lens is how wide the lenses opens when you takeContinue reading “Aperture – Day 1 Photo Camp”

Photography 101 – Mini Camp

Photography 101 Mini Camp – Take your Camera Off Automatic February 17, 18 and 19th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm  SOLD OUT $185;  Minimum of 6 students; Ages 14 and over, adults welcome! To know me is to know that I love taking photographs.  My first memories of photography are with my parent’s old polaroidContinue reading “Photography 101 – Mini Camp”

Happy New Year

After all the celebrations were over and the decorations all put away and the kitchen back in order, I spent some quiet time reflecting on New Years and what it all means. Let’s all be honest, 2017 was just a crazy year.  I’m not even going to list all of the things that happened becauseContinue reading “Happy New Year”