The Last Ferry Home


The Last Ferry Home

Oil on Panel, 8 x 10

$600 Available

I have always loved the ferries that serve as transportation here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For a girl from the landlocked Midwest, the idea that you could take a boat to work or on a weekend trip was new and wonderful and exciting to me.

Life is such an unusual thing. Just the fact that we live and that we eventually die is a miracle of sorts. Or maybe, it’s just the opposite of a miracle. One thing is certain: life is unpredictable and can be confusing and hard to understand.

I remember when my Grandfather from Nebraska passed away. He had a terrible cancer that was eating up his insides. He had a successful life in the standards measured by society: a nice house, big family, successful business, and an active member in the Catholic Church. He was in the Navy during WWII and very proud of that fact. But the last time I saw him alive, he told me, “all I ever wanted to do was retire, get a little fishing boat and spend my days on the water.” He was 80 something but passed away before that happened.

Truly living life is rejecting the ideas that society espouses about the achievements of a happy, well lived life. And I do believe that if you have lived the “perfect” life and strove toward meeting the expectations that the outside world places on you, you might also leave this life with an empty hole in your soul.

This is the constant battle of this world where there are too many distractions.

I picture my soul (or God) as a person swinging on a little hammock in my heart. Life goes much better for me when I choose to sit and listen to this voice. It never tells me to conform to society, to spend my day at the mall, to watch the news on TV all day long, or to buy more for myself so I have less to give to others.

Listen to the voice in your soul. Listen to the direction that it tells you to go. And then go that way before the last ferry leaves.


Glass Fused Mirrors

The older elementary art students made Glass Fused Mirrors as their last project of the year.


Working with glass is always fun and a bit challenging.  We started by going over the basic of how glass fusion works and some safety rules:

Glass Cutting

  • Cut on smooth side.
  • First cut is a score line – cut from one edge to the next.
  • Hold it straight up and down to make contact with glass.
  • Use running pliers to break the glass – To adjust the pliers, screw it on then back off a bit. Works best when equal amounts on both sides of the pliers. For multiple lines, start in the middle and break into halves.
  • If it doesn’t break, flip over and try on same line from the backside.

Layer glass pieces smooth side up to avoid bubbles.

Glue: Super glue burns off at 400 degrees. Glue on edges not center so it has a way to escape.

Sharpie: Black Sharpie burns off. Colors do not.


Glass Frames

We then made our glass frames. We did this by constructing two layers and tack fusing them together and adding embellishments.  As a final touch, I glued mirrors to the back of the frames.


As you can see, they turned out beautiful.


Unique Christmas Gifts

Stop by the Studio if you are looking for unique, handmade, one of a kind Christmas gifts. These serving trays were influenced by the calmness of water and fluidity of the ocean.


Serving Trays $65

I hand selected the limited edition glass sheet at Bullseye Glass in Portland and then designed the bowls and serving trays.


Serving Bowls $35 each

A very limited number are available and they are definitely one of a kind.


There is also a limited selection of Imperfect Bowls.


Ceramic Bowls starting at $25 each

And a few pieces of jewelry made out of recycled glass pieces.


Necklaces $25 each



Stop by Tuesday and Wednesday 3:00 – 6:30 or email for an appointment.




Summer Memory Catchers

It is a tradition for the youngest students to make Summer Memory Catchers out of glass during our first class of the year.

Mount Rainier

The students love working with glass and these will give them something to reflect upon during the rainy days of our Seattle winters.

Sunset at the Beach

The family pet!







Off to a Great Start

So great to be back in the classroom this week with the Elementary Art Students!

We are working on some fun projects.


There are still a few spaces left in the Tuesday class.

Elementary Art Classes,  Grades 2nd – 4th, Tuesday 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Registration is Open.  Students can begin at any time.  REGISTER

All of the other classes are full.


Glass Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope you are enjoying this time with your families and friends.

Here is a look at our last project of the year.


We made  Glass-Fusion Christmas Tree Candle holders as our yearly Christmas presents.

The kids love making presents this time of the year.

They turned out just beautiful.


I loved this project so much, that my family made them as a special momentum from this Christmas.


Enjoy your time together. We will be back in classes on January 24th.

Much love,


Memory Catchers

You have heard of Dream Catchers?  The first week of art, the Elementary Classes made Memory Catchers.    The idea being to capture a memory from summer on a 6 x 6 glass project.


In the process we learned about Glass Fusion:

  • We talked about the basic science behind glass fusion and how our project required two layers of glass. Fused glass will retain a thickness of 6 mm. To retain the shape use a thickness of 6 mm or two layers of 3 mm. If thinner, surface tension will cause the glass to pull in towards the 6 mm mark leaving a thick edge. If thicker, it will flow outward to flatten to 6 mm unless it is constrained by dams
  • We talked about how to add designs to your project. Adding decorative glass on top of a 6 mm base lets you expand design options but if too much is added or it is too close to the edge, it may flow out and distort the edge of the piece. To avoid this, keep added material ¾ inch from the perimeter.
  • We talked about Frit and how it looks on a finished project.
  • We talked about Opaque vs Clear Glass.
  • We looked at some different glass projects for inspiration.
  • We talked about being Safe while working with glass.


Steps: We completed a Design Up Project composing on top of a solid piece of glass. Lines will be soft and irregular because some glass colors flow sooner than others.


  • Sketch out your design on paper – draw big shapes! Glass is tricky to cut.
  • Find the glass pieces to complete you design. Layer smooth side up to avoid bubbles.
  • As a last step, clean the glass.
  • Glue the pieces together.

The Results: It is hard to capture how beautiful these are in a photo.  Hope they add some happy memories to your home.


Adult Art Classes

Art Classes at PFA resume the week of September 13th.

I am working on the curriculum for the upcoming sessions. I like to have a little flexibility so we can explore mediums that the group may be interested in. At the same time, I understand it’s much easier to decide what sessions to register for if you know what will be taught. Given that, here is a broad guideline for the two upcoming Adult Sessions:

ADULT SESSION ONE:  Sept 15 – Oct 13, 2016  REGISTER

Painting: My true passion is for painting, so that is what we will be exploring in this first session. Because everyone is at different levels, the first class will be a very broad introduction to line, value and color, with emphasis on color.  We will also spend time thinking about our next project, which will be a silk painting. This project will take a couple of sessions. We will also work with Sumi Ink drawing and painting.


ADULT SESSION TWO:  Nov 10 – Dec 15, 2016  REGISTER

Drawing into Painting:

We will start by working on our drawing skills, and move into painting.  All supplies will be provided for the drawing portion.  Students will need to provide their own painting supplies, acrylic or oil.

2016-01-08 16.15.43




More Details

The Adult Class is on Thursdays:  10:00 am to Noon.

All skill levels welcome.

Available in Five Week Sessions at $25 per 2 hour class.

Registration Fee: $50, remaining balance of $75 due at first class. Occasional additional materials fee may be required.  Book as many sessions as you like.

Missed classes with 24 hour emailed notice will be credited. 10% tuition discount for additional family members.

SESSION ONE:  Sept 15 – Oct 13, 2016 REGISTER

SESSION TWO:  Nov 10 – Dec 15, 2016 REGISTER (No class on Thanksgiving)





Painting with Glass Frit

As our last glass project, some of the Teen and Adult students made these lovely Glass Frit paintings.  I just love these!  Some of them I took to a full fuse, others I did a custom fuse so the frit could retain some of the texture.  I thought they turned out beautifully and look so pretty with the light shining through.  We will be doing more of this for sure!