Finally, the Teens completed Winter Glass Frit Portraits as their final projects of the year.


I have been excited to try this project ever since I went to a workshop at Bullseye Glass and learned about vitrigraph.

I showed the Teen Class samples of work by Narcissus Quagliata. We talked about how he was a painter who wanted to capture the line of a beautiful painting in glass.  And thus the creation of vitrigraph.

Vitrigraph is melted glass. It is made by use of a special kiln. The molden glass is pulled from the bottom of a supported kiln to make swirly shapes and canes and twists. We watched a video on the type of special kiln and one of someone pulling vitrigraph.

We then set about making Winter Glass Scenes that incorporated vitrigraph for tree trunks and frit for the backgrounds.


We learned about layering glass and perspective. They are just beautiful.