That Rainy Day in Paris

I have new art to share with you on this Mother’s Day weekend. That Rainy Day in Paris 16 x 20, Not for Sale This painting is my gift to myself.  No, I did not intentionally paint myself a Mother’s Day present, but when you paint a memory as sweet as this, you are notContinue reading “That Rainy Day in Paris”

Flori Spring Workshop

We had so much fun last night at the Spring Posy Workshop presented by Lori Poliski of Flori flowers. First, the flowers!  Oh my goodness so much beauty. And Lori is an expert on flower meaning and symbolism. And she is so creative! Everyone left with beautiful arrangements. What a fun night!   Be sure andContinue reading “Flori Spring Workshop”

Happy New Year

After all the celebrations were over and the decorations all put away and the kitchen back in order, I spent some quiet time reflecting on New Years and what it all means. Let’s all be honest, 2017 was just a crazy year.  I’m not even going to list all of the things that happened becauseContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Encapsulated – New Oil Painting

I have continued to work on my Emerged series.  This painting has been completed for a while, and so has the chapter I am about to share, but the complete story is still in the works.  And I am not sure if the week before Christmas is great timing, but I also think that IContinue reading “Encapsulated – New Oil Painting”