Strolling in Paris

Strolling in Paris 16 x 20, Oil on Panel $1200   New Series:  Walking Home I have been searching for a way to combine my love of photography, travel and painting. A couple of years ago, I was on a service trip in Nicaragua walking down what was honestly a filthy road filled with trash.Continue reading “Strolling in Paris”

Encapsulated – New Oil Painting

I have continued to work on my Emerged series.  This painting has been completed for a while, and so has the chapter I am about to share, but the complete story is still in the works.  And I am not sure if the week before Christmas is great timing, but I also think that IContinue reading “Encapsulated – New Oil Painting”

Emerged –

s Emerged 24 x 36 inches Oil on Wood Panel At first I was going to name this painting sub>merged because that is how I felt at one point: Submerged – Under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated, covered, hidden, unknown, enveloped.   I felt trapped behind the picket fence that envelopedContinue reading “Emerged –”