Youth Classes – Picasso Roosters

It was so great to be back in the studio this week. In our Youth Classes we learned about Picasso and made Picasso Roosters using soft and oil pastels. About Picasso: Pablo Picasso was born in Spain but moved to Paris to attend art school when he was 23. He painted many sad scenes allContinue reading “Youth Classes – Picasso Roosters”

Finishing our Henri Rousseau Watercolor Paintings

We finished our Henri Rousseau-styled jungle paintings in the Elementary Art Classes this week.  The students worked so hard and did such a great job.  While adding color, we reviewed warm and cool colors again and we talked about complimentary colors.  We made the gray for the elephant by mixing the complimentary colors of yellowContinue reading “Finishing our Henri Rousseau Watercolor Paintings”

Henri Rousseau’s Jungle – Elementary Classes

We are learning about the artist Henri Rousseau at Picket Fence Art this week. In addition to being introduced to a new artist, we talked about how to use lines to create tone in a drawing, warm and cool colors and composition. Hatching, cross hatching, and other line techniques: Line can be used to applyContinue reading “Henri Rousseau’s Jungle – Elementary Classes”

Andy Warhol Pop Art – Wednesday Elementary Class

We learned about Pop Art in our Elementary Art Class on Wednesday. We started the class by talking about Pop Art and Andy Warhol’s famous prints. Pop artists celebrated commonplace objects and people of everyday life, in this way seeking to elevate popular culture to the level of fine art Andy Warhol was drawn toContinue reading “Andy Warhol Pop Art – Wednesday Elementary Class”

Elementary Art on Tuesdays – Chihuly Bowls

We kicked off our first week of art classes at Picket Fence Art Studio with the Tuesday Elementary Art Class. We learned about Seattle’s very own Dale Chihuly. We talked about how Seattle has several glass artist including Mr. Chihuly. He was born in Tacoma and studied at UW and cofounded the Pilchuck School ofContinue reading “Elementary Art on Tuesdays – Chihuly Bowls”