Picket Fence Art Studio located on Hollywood Hill in Woodinville, WA, the heart of Washington Wine Country.

Jamie Lightfoot Eppenauer is the owner of Picket Fence Art Studio.

I have always believed that life presents you with opportunities. As humans with free choice, it is up to us to accept the opportunities or to pass.

It is strange to me the way the world tries to pull you into its idea of the right direction. And how hard it can sometimes be to choose another path.

Yet true happiness lies in trusting your own judgment and making choices to spend your life in your own way. When you realize this, you make life happen versus life happening to you.

My goal is to take color and light and push them as far as possible with the hope of moving the viewer to the edge of their comfort zone. In this way, I hope my art is an inspiration to boldly accept life’s choices.

I create gauzy impressionistic images that are a bit vague leaving the mind to fill in the blanks, and the observer’s soul to complete the scene. The structure of the work provides a roadmap for the eye, and the observer begins at one point and works through the pathways I have built. Movement is integral to the artwork. The works invite you on a different journey with each piece of art, and that journey and its eventual destination can be uncertain. But the journey will provoke thought, feeling, and action.

Art should be an expression of a personal vision that conveys reality more strongly and makes art truer than the literal truth.

Jamie is a creative, intelligent and deep soul who continually is on the path in search of a full life, and is ready to share such a philosophy with anyone who will listen. Her truth is simple and evident to her. Her creativity and drive to find the elusive pinnacles of human existence are inspiring.

Jamie has been taking photographs and painting for as long as she can remember. She has a passion for oil painting in the Russian Post Impressionism Style. She has studied under the great Pacific Northwest Artists in this field including Pam Ingalls, Henry Stinson, Jennifer Diehl, and Cheri Christensen. Her painting skills have been further refined through Foundation Drawing and Painting Courses at Gage Academy of Art.

Her interest in photography started as a teenager when her photographs were published nationwide by Associated Press. She used the proceeds to purchase the equipment for her first darkroom. She now travels the world bringing back images of culture and life, as seen through her camera lens.

She lives in Woodinville, WA where she spends most days at Picket Fence Art Studio.

Picket Fence Art Studio, Owner, Artist, 2014
Oil Painters of America, Juried Member 2018
Bemis Arts Spring Juried Show, 2018
Tsuga Summer Show, 2018, Third Place
Celebrate Woodinville Juried Art Show, 2018, Second Place
Edmonds Art Juried Show, 2008

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