Picket Fence Art Studio located on Hollywood Hill in Woodinville, WA, the heart of Washington Wine Country.

Jamie Lightfoot is the owner of Picket Fence Art Studio.

I have always believed that life presents you with opportunities. As humans with free choice, it is up to us to accept the opportunities or to pass.

It is strange to me the way the world tries to pull you into its idea of the right direction. And how hard it can sometimes be to choose another path.

Yet true happiness lies in trusting your own judgment and making choices to spend your life in your own way. When you realize this, you make life happen versus life happening to you.

My goal is to take color and light and push them as far as possible with the hope of moving the viewer to the edge of their comfort zone. In this way, I hope my art is an inspiration to boldly accept life’s choices.

Art should be an expression of a personal vision that conveys reality more strongly and makes art truer than the literal truth.

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