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Artist Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I painted with Cheri Christensen in Texas.  I am a groupie for her style of painting, and she and Pam Ingalls are lead singers in the band.   She told me that I needed to find my voice in art so that when someone sees one of my works, they know it is a Jamie Lightfoot original. 

And that my voice is most likely staring me right in the face.

I think I have found it, and I call it Dancing into the Light. 

If you follow along, you know I have been searching for a while; Searching for something to fill a certain emptiness that I live with.

I wrote this poem a while back.  It explains that void that I call the hole a bit more eloquently than I can.

There is this hole inside of me.  I don’t know if it is from the neglect of the past, or just how God made me.

It is quiet sometimes.

Sometimes it rumbles.

I keep trying to fill it up. 

To fill it with family,

with love,

with creativity,

with travel.

But no matter my efforts, it stays partially empty. 

Maybe that is a good thing because it is the hole that keeps me searching.  Searching for,




I was thinking about this quest. To fill up that emptiness. 
And it became so evident that I am filling that hole with light now. 

My heart longs for the moment when
We dance on our own moonbeam.

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