V05A2505-2Frozen, Oil on Panel 8 x 10 $600.00 USD Available

I was reading some of my inspirational material as I regularly do on Sunday morning and I came across this quote:

To me, that is the job of art. To meet us where we are and to invite us in—to think, to feel, to wonder, to dream, to debate, to laugh, to resist, to roam, to imagine. Art is worthy of our interrogation and is in fact an antidote for our times.
Ava DuVernay, Editor of Special Issue, the Art of Optimism, TIME

There are a lot of hidden messages in this painting, but those messages are for me. Whatever you see is influenced by the confluence of individual moments in your life that brought you precisely to this point, where you are looking at this image, of an image that I created.

Grab a cup of coffee and see what you see. Share if you feel inclined. And stay warm.


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