Octopus Island – New Painting

octopusislandOctopus Island, Oil on Panel 18 x 24 $2,200.00 USD Sold

Artist Comments

As our summer trip to Desolation Sound was coming to an end, we made a quick run to Refuge Cove for ice and wine.  We then went through the Hole-in-the-Wall towards Octopus Island for one last summer night with the Flotilla.  It was so incredibly hot, and the water was so so so cold.

Hunter took Alex and me for a long dingy ride to cool off from the heat and to collect some driftwood.  We always enjoy our conversations.

Each boat in the flotilla spent the afternoon decorating pieces of driftwood with memories of summer in Desolation Sound.  I painted a picture of our ship on the driftwood, and we all signed it.

Early evening we gathered at the secret cabin to hang our talisman and, of course, have some wine and appetizers.  I would tell you where it is, but it is a secret.

As the sun was setting, we all dinged back to our boats for dinner.

The boat lights illuminated the undersea activity as we enjoyed one last night of cocktails and very vivid conversation.  And lots of laughter.

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