Friday Afternoon


Friday Afternoon
8 x 10, Oil on Panel
$600, Available

Remember that sunny Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. It was at the end of a stretch of Indian Summer and we all knew the rain was coming soon.

I played hooky that afternoon and ate lunch at an outside cafe. The city was hoping as everyone knew the rain was coming soon.

Lunch turned into an afternoon of wine tasting; savoring the last bits of sunlight. It was already starting to get chilly. You knew the rain was coming.

And it did.

The next day.
As the world seems crazier and crazier, I have been trying to focus on finding the goodness in each day. The goodness in people.

The sunlight before the rain.

This painting will be on display and for sale at the Small WORKS, BIG Drafts infused with Poetry event on Thursday, Nov 15 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at the Hopheads Taproom in Woodinville. Hope to see you there!


Jamie’s Gallery of Works


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