We are super excited to open the doors of PFA to our community this summer. We have several awesome camps planned.

Come enjoy our beautiful studio and garden. There will be lots of fresh air and lots of colorful art.


For the Elementary Art Camp we will explore color through various medias and art forms. Throughout the week we will be making Warm and Cool Colored Mosaic Flower Vases as seen below.


On our first day we will be making Color Wheel T-Shirts that campers can wear the rest of the week if they choose.


One of the projects I am most excited for is our Princess Diaries Exploding Paint-Balloon Silhouette Paintings. The Princess Diaries movie is a family favorite and those who are familiar with it will recognize the famous scene involving water balloons filled with paint, a huge mess, and lots of laughs.


Campers will also make bigger-than-life Colorful Mixed Media Animals that combine the abstract with the realistic.


Those who have attended class at PFA know that all of our projects are very high quality. Campers will leave with T-shirts, mosaic vases, silhouette paintings, large animal collages and smiles on their faces.


We hope you can join us this summer as we create while having fun in the sun!

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