Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers

This past week the elementary art students have been finishing up their Georgia O’Keeffe Flower paintings. I was feeling inspired by all of the greenery and flowers around the studio and wanted to use this inspiration in the art project for the week.


When the students arrived for class we learned a little bit about O’Keeffe’s life then the students went out into the yard and chose the flowers they wanted to paint and draw. The students practiced drawing their flowers with pencil, then traced their drawings with bright oil pastel colors before adding watercolor to finish them off.


The students were extremely creative and I loved the results! We encouraged them to draw their flowers from the perspective of a bee or butterfly up close to the flower.

I hope these “May flowers” bring you joy, happy Sunday!






Silk Scarves for Mother’s Day

The past few weeks at PFA, the elementary students have been working on silk scarves for Mother’s Day gifts. I was blown away with how colorful and creative the scarves turned out. A few of the teens made scarves too and liked them too much to give away.

This process is a little bit easier than silk painting because the designs are not as intricate. We told the students to either repeat a simple pattern or just use color.


Before they began they briefly learned about complimentary colors and how mixing them together too much would turn the scarves brown so many of them focused on either cold or warm colors instead. The results were beautiful, I want one for myself!


We hope everyone had a great mother’s day and we can’t wait to see you all this week in the studio.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of the student’s creations!


That Rainy Day in Paris

I have new art to share with you on this Mother’s Day weekend.


That Rainy Day in Paris

16 x 20, Not for Sale

This painting is my gift to myself.  No, I did not intentionally paint myself a Mother’s Day present, but when you paint a memory as sweet as this, you are not going to sell it.

This is from my most recent trip to Paris with my girls.  It is a collection of several photos combined into the memory, sealed in my head.  Yes, I do paint from photos. But only my own and never an exact copy of the photo – if I wanted that I would just print it.

This was our second day in Paris –  it rained the entire week. We visited the L”Orangerie that morning and we were walking through the Tuileries garden in search of a cafe for lunch, when the Eiffel Tower peaked out from behind the trees.

We were all wet and cold, but my girls insisted they were from Seattle and thus did not carry umbrellas.  I did have an umbrella and they constantly complained about me poking them with it.

Alyssa had on her favorite coat with the fur collar, when she reached up on tippy toes and gave Alex a squeeze.  And Alex, she had on her favorite green plaid pants. That tender moment stays with me and that is the memory I painted.


With much love,



Elementary Silk Paintings

The Elementary Art Class has been working on silk paintings and I am so impressed by the art that my youngest students, some of them only seven years old, create.


Silk painting involves a lot of patience and flexibility as the paint does not always go where you want, but as you can tell, students excelled and created beautiful paintings anyways.



I was very inspired by the use of color and creativity that the students displayed in their paintings, and hope these images brighten up your day.