What’s your Anchor?

Eppenauer_Jamie_ Anchored

16 x 20, Oil on Board, Available

Another painting in my Emerged Series.  As you may recall, I felt like life was off-course for a long time.  But I was not really sure how to fix it.  You can read the first part of the series and see the paintings connected to them as follows:

I have not shared many details about what we now refer to as “the bad times.”  This was the period when I painfully started climbing over the picket fence that I was frozen behind.  It is when my husband and I separated to work on our own issues.  It is when we sold our house.  It is when my kids went through hell as the foundations that we established for their lives started to seem less important.

I have journaled about it all but I am not ready to share that part of the story yet.  I painted an image for this period too but it is so, so, sad that I don’t want to share it and give it life.

What I do want to share, are the steps I went through to come out on the other side.

The hardest but most essential part was a shift in perspectives as to what anchored our lives.

Taking a break from an unhealthy relationship, giving up on some of the materialism, taking the pressures of perfectionism off yourself and your kids, will not make life better if you enjoy those things.  

But as you get happier in yourself, you will see that it is not the letting go of the things that makes life better. The most significant changes occur  when there is a change in your fundamental perspective of life.   In what anchors you.

When this change in perspective occurs, you realize that you want to let go, as an act of free will and without regret.  That’s when life gets better.  That’s when you experience true love.  When you start to live your life passions.

So, what anchors you?





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