Cross Roads are opportunities that we come across on the road home.

This painting reminds me of the Cross Roads I have faced in life.  In fact, we are facing once again.

Cross Roads

Cross Roads, Oil on Panel, 8 x 10, $600

We were exploring Edinburgh in search of Harry Potter when we came upon this road.  Old Edinburgh is a collaboration of rustic buildings and brightly painted shops on the street level.   The wonderful maze of streets and buildings cross and lay on top of each other.

I have always believed that life (or God if you prefer) presents you with opportunities.  As humans with free choice, it is up to us to accept the opportunities or to pass on through.

It is strange to me the way the world tries to pull you into its idea of a good direction.  And how hard it can sometimes be to choose another path.

Yet true happiness lies in trusting your own judgment when you come to these crossroads, and making choices to spend your life in your own way.  When you realize this, you make life happen versus life happening to you.


Art should be an expression of personal vision that conveys reality more strongly and makes art truer that the literal truth.

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