Elementary Abstract Landscape Watercolors

All age groups have been studying perspective and learning about watercolor this month.  The youngest elementary art students applied their new knowledge and skills to complete Abstract Landscape Watercolors. We started by looking at the work of Ted Harrison.  He is a Canadian artist who created beautiful colorful abstract landscape of the Yukon Territory.  Follow… Read More

Where to Find my Art Work

Hi Friends!  As PFArtStudio has grown, I have decided to separate it from my own personal art site.  To that end I have created a new website that features just my art and photography.  You can visit it at JamieEppenauer.com. I have also added a new Instagram Account that is dedicated to students of PFArtStudio. … Read More

Elementary Art Watercolor Landscapes

The Advanced Elementary Art class created winter watercolor landscapes. First, they were introduced to how to use watercolor. We practiced some basic watercolor strokes and learned how to set up our work area. We also had a lesson one-point perspective. And we incorporated what we have learned about value. We put this all together to… Read More