We spent three nights at the Balmoral Hotel – It is a beautiful grand hotel with an amazing view of the castle.


But after being out in the wild for the last week, I had a hard adjustment to being in the city and around people.

We over came this by exploring the city at night, when the streets were a bit more quiet.



And we spent our days searching for Harry Potter.


Wondering down the streets of Old Town, it is easy to see where J K Rowling got a lot of her inspiration.


We visited the Castle and peaked out at the peaks,


and the fall colors of Edinburgh.


Oh yeah, they still have these there:


And the coziest coffee shops.


Old is an understatement for this ancient city.


And just in case you thought it rained everyday, here is a sunny one:


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2 thoughts on “Edinburgh – In Search of Harry Potter

  1. Oh, man, this makes me want to go NOW. I’m feeling pretty good about our decision to go live there for a year! That coffee shop’s only a quarter mile from my husband’s office. Sweet! 🙂


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