A letter to my daughter on graduating from High School.


I see so much of myself when I look into your eyes that I wanted to tell you some of the things that I wish someone would of told me when I was your age.

Be true to yourself.

Don’t let the hurried gridlock of daily existence, the constant access to Internet, news, and social media; rob you of your true being.

Happiness comes from being true to the unique you. The only way to be true to you, is to take some quiet time alone – with no phone, no distraction, just you and your thoughts.

Go for a walk. Lie outside and watch the clouds. Stare into a burring fire. Slow down the pace of your daily existence.

And listen.

By being still and listening to your own heartbeat, you will be able to hear the music and the lyrics of your own soul.

And when you hear what that voice has to say, follow it!

Culture will tell you to do otherwise. It wants nothing more of you than for you to follow suit and drop into line. But don’t listen. You have beauty and love and courage inside of you. Set aside what culture, your friends, parents and future partners expect of you.

Trust yourself and be bold and courageous.

If you are standing at a fork in the road and one path leads to wealth and security and the other to uncertainty and passion, follow the later. Listen to your own heartbeat and run after it.

Enjoy all of your experiences with love.

Play your guitar, write poetry and love well. Be kind and generous to those who live in the margins. Give good hugs. Be silly. Give up a quotient of money and success for a day at the beach or a warm cuddle on the sofa. Look people in the eye and smile at them. Choose assuredness. Share your blessings.

And always know that no matter what shore you wash up on, I will always be here.





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