Emerged –




24 x 36 inches

Oil on Wood Panel

At first I was going to name this painting sub>merged because that is how I felt at one point:

Submerged – Under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated, covered, hidden, unknown, enveloped.  

I felt trapped behind the picket fence that enveloped my life.   I felt like I had lost my soul.

I feel pretty certain that young children have the souls that God intended. I see it in the pure joy they experience by creating art and it is why I love teaching so much.

Eventually life chips away at those souls; lucky ones hold on tight but some, like me, get lost.   We get lost in the expectations of parents and partners, and the messages this culture sends about how you should think and behave. We get lost in the news.

The last few years I have been listening to the music and lyrics of my own soul.

I’ve undergone some radical transformations that I may share at some point but I finally feel like I have stepped over the picket fence that was holding my life back and I am Emerging as the person that I was created to be.

It’s been a hard journey at times and I am not all the way home yet.  But I no longer feel submerged.

I have been working on a series of paintings and a short book that ties all of this together, but for now lets just say I am Emerging. – better, kinder, more loving and thankfully happier.


This painting is part of a series and is not for sale yet.


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Artist/Photographer/Traveler/The Original GFMom

8 thoughts on “Emerged –

    1. Hi Kate, This painting is part of a series and is not for sale yet. You can purchase prints from Fine Art America. Proceeds will be donated to the Healthy Women, Healthy World Initiative of Medical Teams International whose mission is to:

      Mobilize women to be champions for global health issues that impact women and their children.
      “A Healthy World starts with women… Most women in the developing world bear a disproportionate burden of disease, poverty, or discriminatory practices just because they are women. As a leader in global health, I am convinced that women are urgently needed to engage in problems that impact women. Medical Teams is ready, skilled, and focused to bring health and wholeness to women and children in desperate need.”
      -Martha Holley Newsome, President & CEO
      Medical Teams International

      Here is the link for prints: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/emerged-jamie-eppenauer.html


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