Over the last two days, my middle daughter turned 18 and went to Senior Prom. One more month and she will be a high school graduate and on her way to college. And the portion of her life where she lives under my roof 24/7 will be over.

Such things to think about on Mother’s Day.

We spend the first half of our lives trying to get away from HOME and last half trying to find our way back. (roughly Kevin Kling).

To me, HOME is more than a physical structure. It is where ever you feel loved. And I feel the most love when I am embraced in the warm cuddle of my family.

Mother’s Day is bittersweet to me; sweet because these precious beings that God gave me, and my husband, to nurture are the loves of my life. I take seriously the love and care of their tender souls.

Bitter is a bit strong because I won’t let the past set the tenor of my future. And I am thankful that I have found my home, or love, in the second part of my life.

And no matter what angle I approach life from; I keep coming back to notion that in the end it is all about love.   And of all of the things that you can give on Mother’s Day, the one thing you can freely give is love.  So love someone today.


One thought on “Love Someone Today

  1. Please know you are loved by a wonderful husband and three terrific children. Your old dad is extremely proud of you as a daughter, mother and a person. I’m so sorry of the situation with your mother. We cannot change the past so go forward with your wonderful family and your love for art. You are an outstanding individual that I love very much.


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