Emerged –




24 x 36 inches

Oil on Wood Panel

At first I was going to name this painting sub>merged because that is how I felt at one point:

Submerged – Under the surface of water or any other enveloping medium; inundated, covered, hidden, unknown, enveloped.  

I felt trapped behind the picket fence that enveloped my life.   I felt like I had lost my soul.

I feel pretty certain that young children have the souls that God intended. I see it in the pure joy they experience by creating art and it is why I love teaching so much.

Eventually life chips away at those souls; lucky ones hold on tight but some, like me, get lost.   We get lost in the expectations of parents and partners, and the messages this culture sends about how you should think and behave. We get lost in the news.

The last few years I have been listening to the music and lyrics of my own soul.

I’ve undergone some radical transformations that I may share at some point but I finally feel like I have stepped over the picket fence that was holding my life back and I am Emerging as the person that I was created to be.

It’s been a hard journey at times and I am not all the way home yet.  But I no longer feel submerged.

I have been working on a series of paintings and a short book that ties all of this together, but for now lets just say I am Emerging. – better, kinder, more loving and thankfully happier.


This painting is part of a series and is not for sale yet.


Mother’s Day Bracelets and Sumi-e Cards

Now that Mother’s Day is over, I can share some photos from our project this year.  We made extra-special bracelets for our moms.  Back when my schedule was too busy with little kids to paint, I started making and selling jewelry.  I guess you could say I’ve always had the need to create something!  I really enjoy making jewelry and used to sell it at street fairs in and around Seattle.  It was fun to share this with the elementary art students.




And we painted sumi-e ink cards.

Sumi-e is a Japanese word that literally means “Ink Picture.” “Sumi” is the ink.   Adding “e” makes it “ink picture.”

The art of Sumi-e originated in China about 6000 years ago as calligraphy. The art is based on lightness or darkness of stroke and an economy of line – every touch has to be perfect capturing the essence of the scene and not every detail.

Before making our cards, we practiced the different types of strokes.  We painted birds and tulips.




Hope you enjoyed the gifts.  They were made with lots of love!

Encaustic Party

Thank you ladies for celebrating your birthdays at The Studio!  Hope you enjoyed learning about the encaustic process and had fun!  V05A7614

Your creations are beautiful:







Get creative with studio owner and instructor, Jamie Eppenauer, who will guide participants from start to finish to create an encaustic masterpiece.
Two hour party is for up to 8 participants.  Bring non-plastic flat mixed media item to include in piece of art.  Maximum size of 5 x 7 inches.

Everyone will leave with his or her own masterpiece.

Ages 15 and older.  BYOB optional.

8 guest Maximum.  $30 per participant.  $50 deposit to save the date.

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Acrylic Paintings

It is so awesome to be back to teaching!  I love the energy that these little beings bring to my studio –

It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.
-Pablo Picasso

This week the elementary class completed an acrylic painting of an electrical guitar.  The students learned a lot from this process.  It started with an observational drawing of an electric guitar.  We looked at a real guitar and drew it as accurately as we could.  As one student said, “it’s a lot harder to draw guitars than flowers.”


We transferred our drawings to a canvas and then began the painting process.  We talked about complimentary colors for the background and the guitar, color mixing and shading.


They learned that it is better to make darker colors by mixing in a complimentary color instead of just adding black.


It was so much fun and their paintings turned out awesome!

Thanks for creating with me!