Glass Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas to all of you!  I hope you are enjoying this time with your families and friends. Here is a look at our last project of the year. We made  Glass-Fusion Christmas Tree Candle holders as our yearly Christmas presents. The kids love making presents this time of the year. They turned out justContinue reading “Glass Christmas Trees”

Sumi-e Ink Paintings

For our last project of the year, the Wednesday night teen class created Sumi-e Ink Paintings. Sumi-e is a Japanese word that literally means “Ink Picture.” “Sumi” is the ink.   Adding “e” makes it “ink picture.” The art of Sumi-e originated in China about 6000 years ago as Calligraphy. Calligraphy led to painting pictures.    WeContinue reading “Sumi-e Ink Paintings”

Snowmen and Perspective – Part II

For our last class of the year, my Tuesday afternoon Elementary students drew Snowmen and learned about perspective.  These are my youngest students and this was totally new vocabulary for some of them. They learned about one-point perspective and vanishing points: A drawing uses a one-point perspective when it contains one vanishing point which isContinue reading “Snowmen and Perspective – Part II”

Take a Walk in the Woods – Favorite Mountains of Patagonia

I heard it was International Mountain Day – it doesn’t take much of a prompt for me to share some of my favorite mountains. Actually these are just some of my favorite mountains from Patagonia – I might crash the web if I uploaded ALL of my favorite mountain photos. Honestly this was one ofContinue reading “Take a Walk in the Woods – Favorite Mountains of Patagonia”

Snowmen Perspective

The Christmas Lyrics “baby it’s cold outside” keep going through my head as I prepare this post.  Maybe that’s because we had our first real snow of the season last night and I spent the morning drinking coffee and watching the snow dissipate. Perfect timing for our Perspective Snowmen lesson in the Wednesday Elementary ArtContinue reading “Snowmen Perspective”

Elementary Art – Silk Paintings

The Elementary Art Classes are working on silk paintings.  Once again, I am so impressed by the art that my youngest students, some of them only seven years old, create. It is such a pleasure to share these images with you.  Hope they make you smile: Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and dry! Jamie