Images from Iona, Scotland

This post was inspired by the passing of Leonard, Cohen. I first listened to Leonard Cohen on a most special trip to Iona Scotland. For those of you who don’t know, Iona is a very spiritual place; the birthplace of Christianity throughout Scotland. They say the layer between heaven and earth is “thinner” on Iona.Continue reading “Images from Iona, Scotland”

Observational Value Drawings

It was so nice to be back in class this week and working with the Teens on creating Observational Value Drawings. We practiced observational still life drawing – drawing from real life set ups using measuring techniques. I started by letting the students pick the objects they wanted to draw and setting up their ownContinue reading “Observational Value Drawings”

Visions of Tangier, Morocco

A trip to Tangier is a feast for your senses – the smells of Cayenne (felfla), cinnamon (karfa), turmeric (quekoum) and our favorite cumin (kamoon). The taste of Mint Tea. The sounds of the call to prayer broadcast from every Mosque and the visual stimulation of so many colors framed by the African sunlight. IContinue reading “Visions of Tangier, Morocco”