Animal Value Drawings

The Elementary Art Students really impressed me with their Animal Value Drawings this week. For some students, it was the first time they had ever drawn.


We started by talking about value and looking at the different kinds of light on a round object. We quickly practiced drawing a round object to make it look dimensional.

I then passed out black and white photos of animals and some vine charcoal. Some students brought in their own photos. The students started by lightly drawing an outline of the animal’s basic shapes.

We then toned the entire animal medium gray with vine charcoal.

After that, we squinted at the photos to see the dark and light areas. We added the dark areas focusing on the shapes of the areas and not the lines.


We then talked about where the light was coming from and we erased the lighter areas.

Finally, we sparingly added white highlights.


We had a lot of fun and created some great art work:




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