Memory Catchers

You have heard of Dream Catchers?  The first week of art, the Elementary Classes made Memory Catchers.    The idea being to capture a memory from summer on a 6 x 6 glass project.


In the process we learned about Glass Fusion:

  • We talked about the basic science behind glass fusion and how our project required two layers of glass. Fused glass will retain a thickness of 6 mm. To retain the shape use a thickness of 6 mm or two layers of 3 mm. If thinner, surface tension will cause the glass to pull in towards the 6 mm mark leaving a thick edge. If thicker, it will flow outward to flatten to 6 mm unless it is constrained by dams
  • We talked about how to add designs to your project. Adding decorative glass on top of a 6 mm base lets you expand design options but if too much is added or it is too close to the edge, it may flow out and distort the edge of the piece. To avoid this, keep added material ¾ inch from the perimeter.
  • We talked about Frit and how it looks on a finished project.
  • We talked about Opaque vs Clear Glass.
  • We looked at some different glass projects for inspiration.
  • We talked about being Safe while working with glass.


Steps: We completed a Design Up Project composing on top of a solid piece of glass. Lines will be soft and irregular because some glass colors flow sooner than others.


  • Sketch out your design on paper – draw big shapes! Glass is tricky to cut.
  • Find the glass pieces to complete you design. Layer smooth side up to avoid bubbles.
  • As a last step, clean the glass.
  • Glue the pieces together.

The Results: It is hard to capture how beautiful these are in a photo.  Hope they add some happy memories to your home.


Animal Value Drawings

The Elementary Art Students really impressed me with their Animal Value Drawings this week. For some students, it was the first time they had ever drawn.


We started by talking about value and looking at the different kinds of light on a round object. We quickly practiced drawing a round object to make it look dimensional.

I then passed out black and white photos of animals and some vine charcoal. Some students brought in their own photos. The students started by lightly drawing an outline of the animal’s basic shapes.

We then toned the entire animal medium gray with vine charcoal.

After that, we squinted at the photos to see the dark and light areas. We added the dark areas focusing on the shapes of the areas and not the lines.


We then talked about where the light was coming from and we erased the lighter areas.

Finally, we sparingly added white highlights.


We had a lot of fun and created some great art work:




Wine and Wax Party

We had a really fun night sharing Wine and Wax with this group of Law Students from Seattle University.  They started with some wine tasting in Woodinville, then came to the Studio for a fun and relaxing evening of creativity.









A Little about Encaustics: Encaustic painting is one of the world’s oldest art forms! The earliest applications of encaustic wax paint were done by the artists of Ancient Greece – hence the Greek word “enkaustikos” meaning “to burn in. During the Middle Ages, more artists turned to tempera, fresco, and oil painting techniques. In the last decade, encaustics have once again become a popular art medium.

What is it: Encaustic is a wax-based paint (composed of beeswax, resin and pigment), which is kept molten on a heated palette. It is applied to an absorbent surface and then reheated in order to fuse the paint.

What You Will Make: During the two-hour course you will be guided from start to finish to create a 5 x 7 mixed media encaustic piece. We will start with a brief introduction to encaustics and then dive right in: you will learn how to prepare the surface for wax, how to embed mixed media objects, how to add details with an encaustic pen and how to finish off your project with pan pastels.

What to Bring:  Bring non-plastic flat mixed media items to include in piece of art.  Maximum size of 5 x 7 inches. The mixed media items are fused into your project with the wax so the items need to be adsorbent and not very thick. Some ideas are handwritten notes, dried flowers, ticket stubs etc. We also have mixed media items on hand for you to use.

BYOB and Snacks: You are also welcome to bring your own beverages and snacks. Stemware will be provided.

A Little About the Studio: Picket Fence Art Studio is located on Hollywood Hill in Woodinville, WA, the heart of Washington Wine Country. Jamie Eppenauer is the owner of Picket Fence Studio.

“I have been taking photographs and painting for as long as I can remember.   My interest in photography started as a teenager when I took photographs that were published nationwide by Associated Press.  I used the proceeds to purchase the equipment for my first darkroom.  My love of photography has only grown over the years.

I also have a passion for oil painting in the Russian Post Impressionism Style. I have been fortunate to study under many great artists specializing in this style of painting including Pam Ingalls, Henry Stinson and Cheri Christensen.  I have also completed the Foundation Drawing Course at Gage Academy of Art. My passion for art has lead me to learn encaustics, pottery and glass fusion.

Add in Some Wine Tasting:   PFA is located in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country. You might want to start your adventure with wine tasting at one of the local tasting rooms. Within one mile of the Studio you will find over 100 wine tasting venues. From the historic and beautiful grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle to the quaint boutique wineries where you are likely to have the winemaker themselves pour you a glass of his or her finest blend, a wonderful variety of wine tasting experiences awaits you. You can find more information including a map of the local wine tasting venues HERE.

Book your party now:

Get creative with studio owner and instructor, Jamie Eppenauer, who will guide participants from start to finish to create an encaustic masterpiece.
Two hour party is for up to 8 participants.  Bring non-plastic flat mixed media item to include in piece of art.  Maximum size of 5 x 7 inches.

Everyone will leave with his or her own masterpiece.

Ages 15 and older.  BYOB optional.

8 guest Maximum.  $30 per participant.  $50 deposit to save the date.

Private Encaustic Party:

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