After spending the last few weeks painting, we moved into making some 3 D art. We started by looking at sculptures of the human figure. Alberto Giacometti and George Segal: I introduced the students to Alberto Giacometti, Swiss Sculptor and Painter. Although he was a painter as well, Giacometti is most renowned for his expressiveContinue reading “Figurines”

Teen Still Life Paintings

As part of our Acrylic Painting series, the Teens painted fruit still life paintings.  Here is a peek at their work. We warmed up by doing some exercises with brush strokes, surrounding color and layering of colors. They picked the fruit they wanted to paint and the background colors. We talked about using complimentary colorsContinue reading “Teen Still Life Paintings”

Elementary Art Class – Mixed Media Winter Scenes

It may be raining outside, but it has been snowing in The Studio. After working so hard on the Sunflower Paintings, I wanted to start the year with a fun project that introduced some new art concepts. Last week, the elementary art students finished their mixed media winter scenes. The students enjoyed the creativity involvedContinue reading “Elementary Art Class – Mixed Media Winter Scenes”

Acrylic Painting 101 – Adult Class

We have been painting with Acrylic Paints in our Adult Class. Catherine’s Lemon Acrylics are water-based so they can be cleaned and thinned with water. They are also non-toxic and non-smelly which makes them attractive for the eco- or health-conscious. We started with the basics talking about grounds, Gesso, paint brands, mediums, palettes and paintContinue reading “Acrylic Painting 101 – Adult Class”

New Tuesday Night Teen Art Class

We are adding a new Teen Art Class on Tuesday nights from  6:00 pm – 7:30 pm that is open to students in 6th – 9th grade. Classes will consist of fine art instruction with exploration of diverse mediums while learning basic art concepts such as drawing, shading, color mixing and composition.  Our high qualityContinue reading “New Tuesday Night Teen Art Class”