Youth Classes – Picasso Roosters

It was so great to be back in the studio this week. In our Youth Classes we learned about Picasso and made Picasso Roosters using soft and oil pastels.

About Picasso:

Pablo Picasso was born in Spain but moved to Paris to attend art school when he was 23. He painted many sad scenes all of them blue and so this is called his blue period.

He is best known for creating Cubism. Cubists painted objects from different angles and ignored perspective and round shapes.

He painted mostly from his imagination and loved to paint people who were important to him such as his daughter Paloma, which is the Spanish word for Dove.  During his Surrealist period he said: “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”

Picasso created more than 20,000 pieces of art in his lifetime. He put a date on every piece of artwork he created because he wanted to create a timeline of

His work:

We looked at Picasso’s painting, Le Coq, Primitivism from Surrealist Period, Pastel on Paper, 1938.

Le Coq

And we created our own Surrealist Roosters. Picasso showed both the profile and frontal face views in his portraits and in The Rooster. We looked at how the beak and eyes are drawn this way.  We had fun creating our Picasso Roosters with pastels.

Picasso Roosters

Picasso Roosters  Picasso Roosters

Picasso Roosters

Picasso RoostersPicasso Roosters

After we completed our Picasso Roosters, we made our own abstract animals.


We will be digging into ceramics next week!

Thanks for sharing your children with me.  It is such a blessing to have them in class!

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