Ceramics at Picket Fence Art

Despite high winds and the loss of power, this week Picket Fence Art Studio was turned into a ceramics studio! I wish I had a recording of all the times I heard “this is so fun” this week. For Tuesday students, don’t worry! We will be making our ceramic creations in art this coming week.Continue reading “Ceramics at Picket Fence Art”

Wednesday Night Teen Class – Value

This week we learned about value in the Teen Class as we began working on Torn Paper Portraits and got a brief taste of using acrylic paint. Value: Value is the amount of light reflected from the surface. Value creates depth in a picture making the object look 3 D.  We started by painting theContinue reading “Wednesday Night Teen Class – Value”

Youth Classes – Picasso Roosters

It was so great to be back in the studio this week. In our Youth Classes we learned about Picasso and made Picasso Roosters using soft and oil pastels. About Picasso: Pablo Picasso was born in Spain but moved to Paris to attend art school when he was 23. He painted many sad scenes allContinue reading “Youth Classes – Picasso Roosters”

Thursday Adult Class – Book Binding

It was great to be back to classes at Picket Fence Art Studio this week. We enjoyed binding our encaustic journals in the Thursday morning adult class.  Thanks again to Erin Keane for teaching me how to make these beautiful encaustic journals. I am thinking about adding a Tuesday Evening Adult Class (6:00 – 8:00)Continue reading “Thursday Adult Class – Book Binding”